Professional Development Program

NSRIC professional development (PD) program is an integral part of our initiatives. The PD is often defined as, “structured professional learning that results in changes to a person’s knowledge and practices, and improvements in student learning outcomes”. We offer online PD courses that help professionals, early career employees and students to enhance their professional skills and improve their employability. When combined with students’ academic programs and NSRIC PD experiences, our effort ensures that students are ready to excel in the workplace, no matter their career path. Research has illustrated that for example, teacher competency and skill are directly correlated to student’s achievement. Policy makers, educators, parents, and students alike, all have a vested interest in identifying the central aspects of effective PD to enhance the successful career. There are seven key parameters in the core of our PD program. These keys are (i) content-focused, (ii) incorporates active learning, (iii) supports collaboration, (iv) uses models of effective practices, (v) provides coaching and expert support, (vi) offers feedback and reflection and (vii) is of sustained duration. For more information and enroll in this program, please Click Here.