Teach online and turn your expertise into a source of revenue.           NSRIC Immigration and Visa Consulting (NIVC) offers hassle-free and genuine immigration and visa services for peace of mind.           The NSRIC offers training programs that are available online, via workshops, webinars, and on-demand, as well as in-person skills development programs in diverse academic and professional disciplines.           Work from home to earn additional income.           We strive to learn, experience, and disseminate knowledge.           The NSRIC Online Education (OE) Division is committed to acquiring and disseminating true knowledge without any boundaries of academic areas, disciplines or fields of study.           Teach online and turn your expertise into a source of revenue.           NSRIC Immigration and Visa Consulting (NIVC) offers hassle-free and genuine immigration and visa services for peace of mind.           The NSRIC offers training programs that are available online, via workshops, webinars, and on-demand, as well as in-person skills development programs in diverse academic and professional disciplines.           Work from home to earn additional income.           We strive to learn, experience, and disseminate knowledge.           The NSRIC Online Education (OE) Division is committed to acquiring and disseminating true knowledge without any boundaries of academic areas, disciplines or fields of study.          


NSRIC is a diversified research and education institution, comprising six major divisions, CEO Office, and many units that are operated under the intrinsic principles of honesty, transparency, mutual respect, responsibility, teamwork, and commitment. NSRIC offers highly competitive, performance, and focused work-based salary structure for the employees.

1. ADK Division

The main mission of NSRIC is to “learn, experience, and disseminate knowledge to others”. Therefore, Acquisition and Dissemination of Knowledge (ADK) Division is responsible to fulfill this mission by creating different avenues through establishing universities, career (i.e., diploma) colleges, and K12 schools; partnering with different academic institutions and organizations; organizing local, regional, and international conferences, webinars and offering workshops as well as seminars in the specified areas of excellence.

ADK has five units:
(i) Career college Unit
(ii) Conference and publications Unit
(iii) K12 school Unit
(iv) SLH Unit
(v) University Unit

Dr. Wajid Mahmood Khan is the Division Head and VP of NSRIC ADK Division. Dr. Khan has an excellent track record in the field of Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Management in Medical Science. He is currently working as a Consultant anesthesia and pain medicine at Beacon Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, and a clinical professor at University College Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Khan also published many research articles in different refereed journals. In addition to his experience as a consultant physician, he is also known to be a researcher, academic professor, and an administrator. He is well experienced in formal teaching activities at different universities/hospitals in different parts of the world including Ireland, and Pakistan. Further, he was involved in numerous management and administrative roles in hospitals around the world. He is recognized as one of the best physician and researcher in Ireland.

The five major units of ADK Division are elaborated below:

(i) Career College Unit:

Career College (CC) Unit look after the administrations of the career (i.e., diploma) college under the Ministry of Education, Ontario, Canada, and other countries in the world. CC unit operates the NSRIC International College in Toronto (NICT) in Toronto, Canada. NICT is an applied diploma granting institution where Business Management, Computing and IT, Health Care and Engineering Technology programs are offered. Prof. Mohammed Enamul Hossain is the first President of NICT. For more information, you can visit NICT website at To know more about NICT activities, please visit our NICT college platform or contact us at

(ii) Conference and Publications Unit:

The conference and publications (CP) unit organizes local, regional, and international conferences, webinars, workshops, and seminars to share and disseminate knowledge around the world on your expert areas focusing your experience, skills, knowledge, and networking in the specified areas and beyond. Prof. Amanat Ali ( is the Unit Head and AVP of NSRIC conference and unit. He has a robust track record comprising over 100+ research publications in nutritional sciences from his 30+ years of work in academia and industry. To register for any of our conferences, please click on NSRIC Conference Unit.

(iii) K12 School Unit:

K12 school unit operates “NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST)” in Ontario, Canada. The unit is actively working to establish the “NSRIC International School in Edmonton (NISE) in Alberta, Canada which will be the private, inspected, and government approved schools under the Ministry of Education, Alberta, Canada. There are branches in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. We offer government accredited programs from Kindergarten to Gr. 12 levels. The school is planned to have both physical campuses, and online course offering systems. A student can register a course online and later he/she can transfer the credits to our physical campus in Canada, or any other institutions. In addition, after completion of grade XII with NIST, students can get admission at any university in Canada and/or abroad.

The mission of the school is to disseminate knowledge to our kids, and teenagers in the early years and educate them toward building their success for the future career opportunities. Dr. Moniruzzaman Khan ( is the Unit Head and AVP of K12 school Unit. Dr. Khan has a solid track record comprising over 40+ research publications from his 20+ years of contributions at Dalhousie University, Canada; University of Alberta, Canada; and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh. He also authored 06 (Six) books in the area of zero-waste technology. To register any course or any grade, please click on NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST). You can also reach us at

(iv) SLH Unit:

Sustainable Lifestyle and Healthcare (SLH) Unit is responsible to take care of our healthy lifestyle, and healthcare in a sustainable fashion so that every human being can get benefits from nature. In general, the progressive initiatives are governed by human beings as it is part of the nature. The human lifecycle includes birth, growing up, flourishing, and living in nature cyclically. Every living entity also returns to the nature. Human lifecycle totally depends on nature. Healthy and sustainable living are cyclically centered depending on natural rules and regulations, practices, system, balance in life, and ecosystem. If this cyclic system breaks down, lives fall in danger and are affected by diseases. Some diseases are cured by the doctors and medicines. However, it needs natural treatment to make the lives healthy forever.

The main criteria to avoid illness and to achieve a sound health are the maintaining of natural rules, practices, food habits, and changed lifestyle. Everyone should maintain the natural rules, eco-friendly products and scientific food habits, positive thinking, fasting, meditation and physical exercises e.g., yoga, instrumental, high intensity interval training , non-instrumental, free hand exercise, swimming, walking, and running for enjoying such sound-life. To enjoy a sustainable lifestyle and health, one should focus on lifestyle mistakes and irregularities instead of focusing on diseases, problems, and obstacles. If one can identify his/her mistakes and irregularities in lifestyle, he/she will be able to rectify, modify and finally can lead a sustainable life and health. Sustainable lifestyles need healthy and happy life based on ethical issues which do not harm future needs, other's rights, wealth, resources, ecosystems, and environments. Otherwise, this lifestyle cannot ensure the sustainable living, socio-economic and cultural growth, and cannot contribute to the world's biggest problems such as climate change, and global warming. Lifestyle sustainability can only provide a common platform for meeting many of the sustainable development goals (SDG) through multiple effects, which can accelerate and maintain the sustainable progresses.

Prof. Riton Kumar Barua at ( is the Unit Head and AVP of SLH Unit. Prof. Barua has a solid track record of helping over 30,000 people to maintain healthy and sustainable lives and living without any medicines. His contribution to the human lifestyle is recognized by the government of Japan, and Bangladesh. To register any of his treatment plan, please click on SLH Unit. You can also reach us at

(v) University Unit:

The NSRIC is actively involved in initially establishing not-for-profit University in Canada and Bangladesh to fulfil NSRIC’s goal, “disseminating knowledge to others”. Both projects are in progress. NSRIC is working independently as a governing, and support hub for the respective universities once they are established. These university projects are aimed at restoring true education and making it available to every willing participant, transcending the boundary of space, marginalization, and poverty. A generous proportion of students will be offered scholarships to stimulate access to disadvantaged communities and students with special needs. The proposed universities will be financed and operated as one of the divisions of NSRIC Inc. Prof. Shaikh Mahmud Alam at ( is the Coordinator (AVP) for NSRIC university project in Bangladesh. Prof. Alam has over 25 years’ of diversified experiences within the different national and international educational Institutes in different portfolio.

2. Business Development and Marketing Division

The Business Development and Marketing (BDM) Division is primarily responsible to identify and develop new business opportunities. In addition, BD division looks after the marketing of the institution, building relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, and vendors.

BD division has two units:
(i) BD Unit
(ii) Marketing Unit

Prof. Muhammed Kabir is the Division Head and the Vice President (VP) of NSRIC Business Development (BD) Division. Prof. Muhammed Kabir is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Business. He is currently the Campus Provost/Vice President Academic at Yorkville University. Dr. Kabir obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from McMaster University in 1981. He has extensive teaching, research and administrative experience that he earned at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, Yale University, Mount Allison University, and the Canadian University of Dubai (CUD). Dr. Kabir retired from UNB Saint John in 2013 as Professor of Economics.

(i) Business Development Unit:

Business Development (BD) unit is responsible to create new business ventures for the NSRIC. Dr. Mansur Mulk is the Business Development Director who is responsible for helping the organization obtain better brand recognition and financial growth. Dr. Mulk coordinates with company executives and sales & marketing professionals to review current market trends in order to propose new business ideas that can improve revenue margins.

(ii) Marketing Unit:

In any business and (or) building trust on any organization, marketing is an important mode of communication to sell the company’s products. Marketing plays a vital role in today’s global competitive market. Finding the best products and services are really a huge challenge for any individual customer and (or) an entity. Therefore, NSRIC strives to create a strong marketing network around the globe to build the trust on our products and services through our Marketing (MKT) unit. The marketing team is driven by the zeal to address related queries and suggestions, and where appropriate guide the clients in quality product delivery. Our products and services include business and technical software, NSRIC online courses (e.g., academic, professional, seminar, training, workshop courses, …. etc.), and commercialization of innovations through RID.

The NSRIC K12 school, online courses, physical courses, research projects, continuous RID support, online platform, NICT, and university admissions are part of this integrated endeavour. Prof. Poonam Arora is the AVP of NSRIC Marketing Unit. She is also a distinguished faculty in Human Resource Management at Commerce and Management Unit of Online Education (OE) Division. Prof. Arora is the Chairperson of Workplace Harassment Committee at a National Print Media organization and at Dynamic Aura. She has diversified experience of Academic Management, Teaching, Consultancy, Training and Administration roles. She has 35+ teaching and consulting experience in Management, Social work and HRM for MSW, MBA, MA(HRM), BSW and B.E Programs. Prof. Arora is the recipient of the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Award for publishing a Book on Professional Women. She worked as a Consultant for United Nations Development Program (UNDP) at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

3. Cybersecurity Products and Services Division

NSRIC offers professional cybersecurity products and services through the Cybersecurity Products and Services (CPS) Division. Cyber threats are a serious problem that affects everybody, including all business lines. If you own a business or any other internet user, you should take precautions to protect yourself from hackers. Anti- malware and anti-virus protections are essential to prevent malicious players from taking advantage of your system. Cyber-attacks have become one of the most urgent issues facing large and small businesses. As companies rely more and more on various technologies, the risk of cyberthreats does not seem to stop. Therefore, companies need to understand how important cybersecurity is. Maintaining high levels of cyber security can help you control your network resources while meeting your operational objectives without interference. On an average, cybercrimes are costing US$ 4.24 million to organizations, as per a 2021 report by IBM. It is estimated that cybercrime will cost $10.5 trillion in a year by 2025. Many organizations take their cyber protection lightly and are victimized by cyberattacks. They are not even implementing basic security measures because they do not seem to need to invest. On the other hand, with rapidly changing technological standards, many organizations in today’s world that know how to protect themselves have used technology to become more immune than ever.

The following are some important reasons why cybersecurity is important to modern businesses:

(i) Increase in cybercrime
(ii) Use of a broader introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) devices
(iii) Increase in the use of technology
(iv) The Deep Web and cryptocurrency and
(v) Evolution of ransomware

Statistics shows that organizations of all sizes from every industry in the world have been hit by cyberattacks, from the social media giant Facebook to the carpool giant Uber. As a result, in the absence of cyber security, hackers can steal our information, our money, and our reputation. There are many ways you can protect your company from cyberattacks. All you need to do is understand the importance of cybersecurity and do something about it! To safeguard your business, the NSRIC is ready to offer your all needs.
Engr. Mukul Hossain is the Division Head and the Vice President (VP) of NSRIC Cybersecurity Products and Services (CPS) Division. He is a seasoned multidimensional professional who has more than 20 years of project management and leadership experiences in engineering, procurement, business development and cybersecurity solutions. He worked with multi-million-dollar projects in public and private sectors, Canada. Mr. Hossain is the founder and CEO of Ciptor ITSAFE Canada Inc., a Canadian cybersecurity solution provider. For more details, please click here NSRIC Cybersecurity.

4.Immigration and Visa Consulting (IVC) Division

NSRIC offers professional immigration and visa consulting services in Canada through the Immigration and Visa Consulting (IVC) Division. IVC provides sound advice and representation throughout the complex and changing scenario of Canada's immigration policies and procedures. We are morally and legally engaged in strict ethics to ensure that your application gets the utmost attention. Your interests come first as your case progresses. NSRIC with its expertise in all fields of Canadian immigration continues to provide invaluable and reliable professional advice on all aspects of these opportunities. We are committed to providing the most complete and reliable immigration service available. Our mission is to go further by ensuring our customers receive professional representation and reliable advice. Paying personal and special attention to each individual's unique situation and providing a pleasant experience for our customers is our top priority. All matters are dealt with personally by our immigration consultants, who are accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

We have the most comprehensive range of services, including but not limited to:
(i) Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Visa
(ii) Citizenship Services and Various Appeals
(iii) Express Entry Visa
(iv) PR Card as well as all other Immigration Services
(v) Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Visa
(vi) Spousal and Family Sponsorship Visa
(vii) Study Permit (i.e., student visa) [career and diploma college students, graduate student in university (with scholarship), schooling (Gr. 3 to Gr. 11) along with one parent, students in general (with student loan) undergraduate and graduate students in university (with self-funding)]
(viii) Visitor Visa and
(ix) Work Permit through Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Visa.

To register or for more information, click on the NSRIC IVC Division.

5. Online Education Division

The NSRIC Online Education (OE) Division is committed to acquiring and disseminating true knowledge where there is no boundary of academic areas or discipline or academic fields of study. To fulfil this commitment, our first focus is to create the strong link and relationship between our honorable and dedicated instructors/faculty members, and our valued participants/students based on honesty, transparency, responsibility, integrity, and commitment. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality education and course materials to our students. Your suggestions and feedback is of utmost importance to us and we give this as a top priority to improve our online curriculum. We are proud of our great, world-class professors/teachers who are dedicated in fulfilling our obligation on achieving the original mission as a motto, “Learn, experience, and disseminate knowledge with others”.

Any professional can register as a professor/teacher to offer a course in his/her areas of expertise. An individual can register to become a student to complete a course in his/her areas of needs. It is noted that NSRIC online platform is currently working as a prototype for the upcoming University projects without offering any degree certificates. A course completion certificate and a letter grade will be given to the audiences, participants, and students. To register or further inquiry, please click on NSRIC online education Division.

Prof. Mohammed Nurul Alam is the Division Head and the Vice President (VP) of the Online Education (OE) Division of NSRIC Inc. Prof. Alam obtained his Ph.D. degree in ‘Small Business Finance by Islamic Banking’ from Lund University, Lund, Sweden. He is a globally well-recognized expert and public speaker in online education, Islamic banking, Islamic micro-finance, Networking, accounting, and small business financing. Prof. Alam delivered numerous keynote speeches on his expert areas at United Nations and economic forums in the world. He published numerous research articles in different refereed journals, and conferences. This academic scholar is basically an educator in the areas of Accounting & Finance and other commerce subjects. He has over 40 years of teaching and research experiences. Prof. Alam worked at Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA) Nairobi, Kenya; Lund University, Sweden, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Oman; Trisakti University, West Jakarta, Indonesia; Canadian University Dubai, UAE; Federal Government, Ontario, Canada; and Yorkville University, Canada.

The offered courses are classified as:

6. Research, Innovation, and Development Division

The primary focus is to conduct Research, Innovation, and Development (RID) in the areas of our interests and expertise, and our valued customer’s business needs. We offer our research and innovation services to the interested individuals, commercial organizations, industry, institutions, and research centres through our dedicated team members with diversified experiences and talents. Their talents, expertise, and experiences are proven from years of contribution as well as cited achievements of excellence. Examples of research areas are accounting and finance, corporate business, education, engineering, health and health care, lifestyle, management, medicine, and natural sciences.

Our objectives can be simple discussion groups to innovation drivers, and then business commercialization. Dr. Zubair Kalam is the Division Head and VP of NSRIC RID Division. He has a solid track record comprising over 100+ research publications from his 30+ years of contributions at Manchester U, Oxford U, British Petroleum Research Center UK, Sultan Qaboos University Oman, Atomic Energy UK and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Onshore-Center of Excellence. To register or further queries, please click on NSRIC RID Division.