NSRIC Shares

Promote education to build tomorrow's leaders

Invest in NSRIC shares and be a part of our mission of positive impact !

NSRIC recognizes the importance of raising capital from like-minded investors to achieve positive and sustainable impact. To achieve this, we issue shares, thus enabling investors to put their resources to the service of our mission. Investing in NSRIC shares not only reinforces the growth and expansion of our organization, but also aligns your investment with our vision of creating a better world in a secure investment. Join our mission of impact and sustainability with an investment in NSRIC’s actions today.

We take great pleasure in announcing the release of NSRIC’s ordinary shares, priced at an affordable rate of US$25 per share. As a shareholder, your purchase of NSRIC shares results in an increase in your ownership stake in the company’s equity. Our NSRIC shares are a valuable financial asset that provide an opportunity for equitable distribution of any residual profits, in accordance with our firm’s policies.

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