Why Choose NSRIC?

According to Prof. Hossain, “Education, training and dissemination of knowledge contribute to our own well-being and the well-being of those, who surround us and our community in general”. Therefore, NSRIC is committed to creating a healthy and inclusive learning environment. The main purpose of NSRIC is to teach our students not only what they should learn but also how to learn it. NSRIC vision is to deliver high-quality education to our global community, while creating a sustainable environment as a basis for lifelong learning in this diversified world. This commitment cannot be easily achieved without strong willpower, research competencies and teaching philosophy. Therefore, our highly qualified instructors and professors are dedicated and act as a vehicle to keep the attention of the student’s mind and retaining them in education.

Further, maximizing profit is not the primary motivations for NSRIC. However, the primary goal of NSRIC is to disseminate knowledge and the institution is based on shared principles of honesty, transparency, mutual respect, responsibility, teamwork, and commitment. Disseminating knowledge and the learning process have no boundaries by age, race, faith, color, gender, geographical location, and time. Therefore, every one of us can disseminate some knowledge to others, where conventional academic degrees and professional qualifications are not at all a barrier. The lifelong learning and experience can make a huge impact for others if the professional expertise, experience, and knowledge are shared in meaningful courses with optimal synergy. This is where NSRIC steps in as a mentor and facilitator, taking full responsibility for bringing together individual's talent, skills and expertise with their experience, knowledge, and potential for the future. We work in partnership with organizations, entrepreneurs, and students to create a solid link to achieve our goals of serving humanity in education.

NSRIC and its subsidiaries offer scholarships, discount on courses, financial aid, and support to our students. We allocate all donations for the well-being of our students. Therefore, a student who need support for his/her study, NSRIC is always there to help.

Student Registration

Interested students can enrol any courses, and programs by registering as a student. Please click here for registration.

Online Programs

NSRIC offers different online courses, and programs through NSRIC online education platform. Please click here for more information.

NICT – Career College

The NSRIC International College in Toronto (NICT) is the private career College in Ontario, Canada. NICT is an applied diploma granting institution where Business Management, Computing and IT, Health Care and Engineering Technology programs will be offered upon the approval of ministerial consent. Prof. Mohammed Enamul Hossain is the first President of NICT. For more information, you can visit NICT website at To know more about NICT activities, please visit our NICT college platform or contact us at

K12 school – NIST

The NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST) is accredited and inspected private school in Ontario, Canada. It offers a new integrated high quality, and research-intensive Canadian Ministry of Education approved curriculum to fit the state-of-the art programs for our local and global students. The school follows a very vibrant blended mixture of the diverse curriculum. NIST offers Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) certificate after Gr. 12 graduation. NIST provides Kindergarten to Gr. 12 schooling, including Homeschool education. For more information, please click here .