Tutoring Program

The NIST tutoring program is an integral part of our initiatives. Students can start and enjoy a successful school year while gaining confidence with this program. Our tutoring program is a focused individual student’s need-based learning where we assess every student to determine their needs. We then offer a suitable program that’s ideally suited for them and thus giving them feelings of the confidence to succeed throughout the school year. NIST customized tutoring programs can help your child navigate the school year with confidence and success.

Our program is carefully developed with those needs in mind. There are steps from setting goals to developing a curriculum. For starting a successful new tutoring program at NIST, these steps are assess the need, define the mission, setting up goals and objectives, design the program, select or adapt a reading curriculum, provide support for tutors and implement the plans. These steps are followed during the development of a tutoring program for your child and/or children. NIST tutoring program is mainly focused on (i) computer programming, (ii) English, (iii) French, (iv) Mathematics and (v) Science for all grades. However, the NIST tutoring program is open for all areas of studies for all grades. We can design any tutoring program according to the student’s needs. For more information and to enroll in this program, please Click Here .