“Education, Training and Dissemination of knowledge contribute to our own well-being and the well-being of those, who surround us and our community in general”
— Prof. M Enamul Hossain

Message from the Founder

I have had the pleasure to introduce our NSRIC to you. NSRIC is a Canadian organization that offers high quality multi-disciplinary education, training programs and online courses in different disciplines. It also offers on-demand (in-person) training programs, R&D services, cybersecurity products and solutions, and seamless visa and immigration services. NSRIC is committed to establishing the K12 school branch, career college, and university in strategically important locations around the world through its partnership program. International conferences, webinars and workshops are part of the effort to bring people together. NSRIC facilitates and enables all of these and beyond, so we can disseminate knowledge and serve others for their holistic well-being.

NSRIC is committed to creating a healthy and inclusive learning environment. The main purpose of NSRIC is to teach our students not only what they should learn but also how to learn it. So, we welcome you to NSRIC, where we are building professionals and leaders through knowledge dissemination.

NSRIC vision is to deliver high-quality education to our global community, while creating a sustainable environment as a basis for lifelong learning in this diversified world. This commitment cannot be easily achieved without strong willpower, research competencies and teaching philosophy. Therefore, our highly qualified instructors and professors are dedicated and act as a vehicle to keep the attention of the student’s mind and retaining them in education.

I encourage you to join NSRIC community as we strive to have an ongoing learning experience. Therefore, I humbly request you to help us make a difference in the service of mankind as far as education is concerned.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Enamul Hossain, PhD, P.Eng., MSc Eng., BSc Eng. MBA
CEO & President

About Us

Who We are?

NSRIC Inc. (Nature Science Research and Innovation Centre) is an academic and multifunctional institution, a Canadian registered incorporated company based in London, Ontario (ON), Canada. NSRIC is the parent organization with other major subsidiary institutions. Our main aim is to work in the field of education and training globally. The driving objective of the institution is to, “learn, experience, and disseminate knowledge to others” through our online education platform, focused Research and Development, conferences, NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST), NSRIC International College in Toronto (NICT), NIST and NICT branches in different locations in the world, career colleges and university. NSRIC provides services through six major divisions: (i) Acquisition and Dissemination of Knowledge (ADK) Division, (ii) Business Development and Marketing (BDM) Division, (iii) Cybersecurity Products and Services (CPS) Division, (iv) Immigration and Visa Services (IVS) Division, (v) Online Education (OE) Division, and (vi) Research, Innovation, and Development (RID) Division. The pioneers formed ANS Research and Development Limited in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Canada. Maximizing profit is not our primary goal in providing educational services to humanity.

The primary goal of the ADK Division is to establish NIST, NICT, and university branches in strategically important locations around the world and organize conferences, webinar series and workshops. BDM Division strives to create strong business relationships with other organizations for the growth of the institution. The primary goals of CPS Division are to facilitate cybersecurity solutions for our valuable clients and create practical cybersecurity training opportunities for our students by providing online and laboratory courses. The IVS Division aims to provide student admission, visa processing and free advice to study abroad, and migration in various categories. The objective of OE Division is to provide related courses in the areas of expertise of professors and instructors to meet the educational and training needs of our international students and on-demand training program. The primary goal of the RID Division is to conduct research, innovation, and development in the areas of our interests and expertise, as well as the commercial needs of our valued clients.

Where do We Come From?

NSRIC started its journey with the help of several successful entrepreneurs in North America. It has good collaboration records with international universities, training institutions, and government organizations. The experience we have gained since our company’s establishment in the region has taught us to value solutions that are multidisciplinary, inclusive, integrative, and innovative. Our fundamental goal is to achieve a substantial and lasting impact for all our projects, which will ultimately make a difference in the lives of people. The pioneers of NSRIC have decades of success with a variety of names and identities. For example, ANS R&D Inc. was formed in collaboration with Emertec Research and Development Limited back in 2017 and 1986 respectively. Emertec is a company with diversified research potentials in the areas of lifestyle, science, and engineering, and was registered in Halifax, NS, Canada. Both companies conducted research in climate change, education, environmental sustainability, the greening of the petroleum industry, sustainable technology development, the pharmaceutical industry, philosophy, and sociology. ANS and Emertec published 1,200+ journals and conference articles including over 40 books with Elsevier, Nova, Wiley, and Scrivener, and 15+ US patents. They have completed over 120 research studies funded by different clients through dozens of international research associates from industry and academia alike who are continuously working to inaugurate significant impacts in improving educational service, RID, and the socio-economic condition of society.


NSRIC has established its educational brand today in the worldwide marketplace. To date, NSRIC has obtained some of the leading subsidiaries. Such subsidiary institutions are (i) NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST), (ii) NSRIC International College in Toronto (NICT), (iii) World Association of Nature Science, Education and Engineering (WANSEE) and (iv) International Conferences on Nature Science and Engineering Applications (ICNSSEA).These institutions offer degree programs, non-degree courses, and programs in different fields of studies including kindergarten to Gr. 12, diploma, college, and university courses. NSRIC subsidiaries also offer course completion certificates for online courses.


In general, maximizing profit is one of the primary motivations for some commercial entities. However, the primary goal of NSRIC is to disseminate knowledge and then generate revenue as a business entity for a sustainable business existence. The institution is based on shared principles of honesty, transparency, mutual respect, responsibility, teamwork, and commitment. Disseminating knowledge and the learning process have no boundaries by age, race, faith, color, gender, geographical location, and time. Therefore, every one of us can disseminate some knowledge to others, where conventional academic degrees and professional qualifications are not at all a barrier. The lifelong learning and experience can make a huge impact for others if the professional expertise, experience, and knowledge are shared in meaningful courses with optimal synergy. This is where NSRIC steps in as a mentor and facilitator, taking full responsibility for bringing together individual's talent, skills and expertise with their experience, knowledge, and potential for the future. We work in partnership with organizations, entrepreneurs, and students to create a solid link to achieve our goals of serving humanity in education. We place great value on our donor partners who are unconditional supporters of the organization.

Core Values of NSRIC

NSRIC holds the following core values to ensure the best possible services to our valued students, audiences, beneficiaries, customers, patrons, and shareholders.

Honesty: It is not just about telling the truth. With NSRIC, it’s about being real with us, and our shareholders (e.g., students, clients, audiences, faculty, donors, staff, etc.), about who we are, what we want and what we need to deliver to our clients. Our services follow this fundamental value.

Transparency: Transparency is the mirror of NSRIC vision. In our corporate culture, NSRIC strongly believes that direct and clear communications between NSRIC and valued customers works both ways. It comes from the highest level of honesty and integrity that is delivered at the best services to NSRIC’s valued customers and employees.

Mutual respect: Mutual respect is the vehicle of NSRIC mission because we believe that it helps to reduce workplace stresses, conflicts and problems with customers and other shareholders. It is directly related to our transparency indicator in communication channels.

Responsibility: Corporate responsibility is the ladder of building trust and personal responsibility which leads towards the success of the corporation. Moreover, a sense of responsibility is more likely to succeed in building dreams in life with NSRIC. Our people are capable of being accountable for their actions, education, career goals where one can easily trust them for meeting the goals and the needs.

Teamwork: Teamwork is the source of all energies of NSRIC. We strongly believe that a business thrives when it has a diverse team of people, who can contribute individual ideas. It helps in solving problems, no matter how difficult they are. Therefore, our team works in collaboration within a group, brainstorming well to serve where it creates a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things.

Commitment:Commitment is the superpower of NSRIC activities. We are very humble in taking responsibility for our products, clear about what we want and work productively until we accomplish our goals. Our commitment is where we consistently deliver on the promises we make to our students, audiences and shareholders in general. Our commitment does not end here and we like to follow up.

NSRIC Strives to Focus in Six Key Areas

1. Acquisition and Dissemination of Knowledge 

Acquisition and Dissemination of Knowledge (ADK) by creating different avenues and opportunities to share knowledge through establishing universities, career colleges, and K12 schools; partnering with different academic institutions and organizations; organizing local, regional, and international conferences; webinars, offering workshops as well as seminars

2. Business Development and Marketing

Business Development and Marketing (BDM), commercialize and market the NSRIC product portfolio comprising RID services, online courses, software packages, and related software & hardware development globally. Cybersecurity solution is one of our most important products and services which is partnered with IT-Safe Canada.

      The organization is also pursuing the online Universities in ON, Canada and Dhaka, Bangladesh to fulfil the NSRIC’s mission “disseminate knowledge to others”. The university projects are progressing well. NSRIC established the K12 school "NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST)", Toronto, Ontario, Canada. NSRIC K12 school is a private school, inspected and accredited by the Ministry of Education, Ontario, Canada. NSRIC established the diploma college "NSRIC International College in Toronto (NICT)", Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

      In addition to all these activities, NSRIC also expects to financially support the needy community managed by “Aziza Trust”. This charitable organization was established in 2009 under Aziza Consulting and Construction Limited Bangladesh. The Aziza Trust is a non-political and not-for-profit charitable organization run by a board of trustees. The trust is dedicated to assist financially needy and deserving individuals regardless of his/her race, gender, color, religion, caste, and political view. It strives to help the poor, the landless, and the neglected or disadvantaged in the community.

3. Cybersecurity Products and Services

The cybersecurity products and solutions, training programs related to cybersecurity are the focused area for cybersecurity products and services (CPS) Division.

4. Immigration and Visa Services

NSRIC offers the immigration and visa services (IVS) to our valued customers in different categories. NSRIC is committed to facilitating hassle-free, and authentic visa services to our valuable clients.

5. Online Education

Offer courses in faculty member and instructor areas of expertise, and audiences & students’ needs through NSRIC Online Education (OE) platform.

6. Research, Innovation and Development

Conduct Research, Innovation and Development (RID) in the areas of interests and expertise, encompassing accounts and finance, corporate business, education, science & engineering, health & health care, lifestyle, management, holistic medicine, and nature & environment.