To disseminate knowledge by making a difference within the conventional education; research, innovation, and development (RID); online education; and beyond with your expertise based on a creative, adaptive, sustainable, and holistic approach.


To be an institution known for its novel RID, world class online courses and education, and leadership in promoting true knowledge and education.


  • Principles of honesty
  • Transparency
  • Mutual respect
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
Our Primary Services

RID Division

The primary focus is to conduct research, innovation, and development (RID) in the areas of our interests and expertise, and our valued customer's business needs. NSRIC offers the research and innovation services to the interested individuals, commercial organizations, industry, institutions, and research centres through our dedicated team members with diversified experiences and talents. For more information, please visit NSRIC RID platform. or contact us: nsric-rid@nsric.ca.

OE Division

The aim is to provide related courses in faculty and instructor’s areas of expertise; and audiences and students’ needs through NSRIC online education (OE) platform where academic qualifications need not be the barrier in attaining the highest level of quality courses. To enroll and/or check more details, please visit NSRIC Online education platform or contact us: nsric-oed@nsric.ca.

ADK Division

The main objective of acquisition and dissemination of knowledge (ADK) division is to “Learn, experience, and disseminate knowledge to others”. ADK division is responsible to achieve this goal through creating different avenues such as establishing universities and K12 schools; partnering with academic institutions; and organizing conferences. For more information , please visit NSRIC ADK platform. or Contact us: nsric-dskd@nsric.ca.

Marketing Division

NSRIC strives to create a robust marketing network based on the offered product portfolio and services. Our products include RID services, business and technical softwares, NSRIC online courses, commercialization of RID, NSRIC K12 School, IUAB admission, and organizing conferences & workshops. For more information , please visit NSRIC marketing platform or contact us: nsric-marketingd@nsric.ca.

ADK Division

The ADK division has five units from where each of these units stands alone in the knowledge domain. The archiving and dissemination of knowledge processes follow the sequences of reading, learning, and sharing of knowledge with others. Therefore the primary objective of these units is to follow the core mission of the NSRIC.
Conference Unit:

The NSRIC organizes local, regional, and international conferences to disseminate and share knowledge. It also brings the opportunities to enhance global networks in specified areas of interest. Details can be accessed through NSRIC conferences platform. Please visit NSRIC conferences platform or contact us: nsric-confu@nsric.ca.

IUBH Unit:

IUBH University of Applied Sciences, Germany is one of the largest online universities in the world with a student’s enrollment of over 35,000. The university has also two physical campuses Insert your note here.in Berlin and Bad Honnef, Germany. NSRIC enrolls students on behalf of IUBH and transfer them to its physical locations, or online division based on the student’s interests and priorities. To register for online course(s) or admission at IUBH, please visit  NSRIC-IUBH platform or contact us: nsric-iubhu@nsric.ca.

NSRIC K12 School Unit:

NSRIC K12 School unit works to establish private, inspected, and government approved school under the ministry of education in Canada, and possibly in other countries in the world. It aims to offer government accredited programs at Kindergarten – XII level. The school(s) will have both physical campuses, and online courses platform. The mission of the school is to disseminate knowledge to the kids, teens and help them achieve success with their future careers. To know more about NSRIC K12 activities, please visit NSRIC K12 school platform. Please visit NSRIC K12 school platform or contact us: nsric-k12su@nsric.ca.

SLH Unit:

Sustainable lifestyle and healthcare (SLH) unit works on the human lifecycle so that one can achieve the sustainable lifestyle. The main motivation of this unit is that one should focus on lifestyle mistakes and irregularities instead of focusing on challenges, diseases, problems and obstacles in our daily life. If there is an efficient way to identify the mistakes and irregularities of our lifestyle and healthcare, one can easily rectify, modify and finally can lead to a sustainable lifestyle and a healthy life. For more information, please visit SLH platform or contact us: nsric-slhu@nsric.ca.

University Unit:

The NSRIC is actively involved in establishing not-for-profit online Universities initially in Canada and Bangladesh to fulfil NSRIC’s goal, “disseminate knowledge to others”. The university projects are aimed at restoring true education and making it available to all. Objective is to overcome the limitations of space, marginalization, and poverty. A big proportion of students will be offered scholarships to provide access to the disadvantaged communities and those with special needs. The proposed universities will be financed and operated as one of the divisions of NSRIC Inc. Details and queries are available on NSRIC university platform.. Please visit NSRIC university platform or contact us: nsric-upu@nsric.ca.

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